• The publication of the mktDESCUBRE magazine is published semiannually in June and December.
  • mktDESCUBRE covers the thematic areas of: scientific review; on issues related to marketing management, educational social management, accounting financial management, business management, transportation management, educational technology management and artistic and cultural management, to generate immediate changes in favor of the growth and development of society in general. To extend communication possibilities to a broader group of the scientific community, mktDESCUBRE accepts and publishes articles in Spanish and English.

mktDESCUBRE magazine as a means of digital dissemination of original research and review works based its publication actions on the ethical code of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), these lines of action apply to authors, reviewers, editors, director, team technical, and design and programming staff.
Responsibilities of the authors
The authors agree to comply with the following items:

  • Responsibility: the authors assume responsibility for everything written in their original research and review work, in addition to the fact that the research works developed have current and impact research background for the benefit of society in general in the fields of applied sciences, in areas of knowledge such as marketing management, educational management, financial management, business management, educational technology and artistic and cultural management.
  • Originality and plagiarism: the authors undertake to use APA code current edition for the handling of textual citations of other investigations with the character of essential, thus giving rise to the original contribution in most of the writing; In addition, the research work carried out to the URKUND antiplagian exam must be submitted.
  • Of the statistical data: the authors are responsible for the truthfulness and honest handling of the statistical data presented and used to verify the hypotheses in the presented research.
  • Of the results and conclusions: the authors will only present what reflects the application of a declared work methodology, that the results and conclusions are attached to a defined reality. In addition to publicize the names of institutions, agencies or projects that support the research carried out.
  • Publications in several journals: authors must attach to the research papers sent to mktdesiguar@espoch.edu.ec the official assignment of rights and originality. You cannot use the results of an investigation in several journals.
  • Of the bibliographical references: these documents must be immersed within the last five years, based on the year and edition to be published. Only those citations that are used in the research work presented will be recorded. The number of bibliographic sources indicated in the editorial policy for review articles must be respected.
  • Authorship: only names of those who have contributed scientifically and intellectually in the original research or review work will be recorded. The presentation of the authors and the institutional affiliation is as follows:

Pilco_Mosquera, Wilian
Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo

  • Errors in the reviewed articles: the authors must meet the deadlines stipulated by mktDESCUBRE magazine in the delivery of corrections issued by internal and external reviewers.
  • Errors in published articles: if the authors identify important or substantive errors in their published research, they must immediately inform the editors of the journal and provide them with all the necessary information to record the pertinent corrections at the bottom of the same article.

If the mktDESCUBRE Magazine suspects a misconduct regarding publication or research, the following procedure will be followed:

Reviewers Responsibilities 
The reviewers commit to meet the following items:

  • From the review: internal and external reviewers will make a critical, constructive, honest and truthful contribution through the evaluation format and comments in the Microsoft Word file, without any bias of the original and review investigations submitted by the authors according to the policy editorial of the magazine, in order to contribute to the development and growth of applied scientific knowledge.
  • Of the deadlines: the internal and external reviewers will respect the stipulated deadlines for the requested task (45 days), in case of being able to finish it or not be the end of the research title, the journal will be notified immediately through mktdescubre@espoch.edu.ec with the fide meet the planned publication dates.
  • Confidentiality: research papers should not be published or made known to other people to more than the reviewers.¡¡
  • Of originality and plagiarism: the reviewers are obliged to indicate to the editors if substantial parts of the research work have been published or are under review for another journal.
  • Of the bibliographical references: it should be considered in the evaluation of the research work that the bibliographic sources are immersed within the last five years, based on the year and edition to be published. And that the number of references indicated in the editorial policy for review articles is met.

Editors Responsibilities 
The editors agree to comply with the following items:

  • Of the publication: the scientific merits, the qualification of the reviewers and the sending of the corrections of the authors to mktdesdra@espoch.edu.ec for the decision of the research works to be published are considered.
  • Of honesty: articles that do not comply with editorial policy and do not complete the review process will not be published, there will be no preference for author or research work, the prestige of the journal and the development of scientific knowledge will always be present.
  • Confidentiality: under the criteria of reservation and discretion, the identities of the internal and external reviewers must be had, and the information generated through them, the results of the peer evolution will only be accessed by the authors.
  • Inbreeding: The Director and Editor of the journal cannot publish in the journal to avoid conflict of interest. The people of the Editorial Board if they opt for publication in the journal will not be included in the board of the corresponding edition.
  • Of misuse of information and conflict of interest: the Director and the Editor will not use in their research data or part of the research that is submitted to the evaluation process for the purpose of publication in the journal.
  • Of the fulfillment of the times: the Director and the Editor are responsible for enforcing the times of reception, evaluation process by parties (internal and external), and publication of the articles in the journal. The internal and external review have a term of 55 days for the evaluation of the investigations respectively; Authors should send to mktdesiguar@espoch.edu.ec the fulfillment of the observations and suggestions of the reviewers-evaluators within 15 days as long as they have a minimum score of 60 points out of 100, otherwise they are out of the process . The reception of both original and review research papers, are constantly and openly with a cut for peer review issues until the first two months of each semester. The evaluation process is permanent. The publication of works that have a minimum score of 70 points out of 100 is in the first 10 days of June and December (semi-annual publication).

Responsibilities of the technical team

  • The technical team, and design and programming staff must meet the times established by the Director and Editor of the magazine, as well as adhere to the details regarding the responsibility of the editors.


The mktDESCUBRE magazine adheres to the ethical standards of COPE (Commitee on Publication Ethics - Comité de Ética de las Publicaciones), to avoid conflicts of interest and build knowledge openly and without preference of a particular author.


mktDESCUBRE adheres to the Open Access model in which the contents of scientific publications are available in full text free and free on the Internet, without temporary embargoes, and whose editorial production costs are not transferred to the authors. This policy proposes to break the economic barriers that generate inequities both in access to information and in the publication of research results.

The benefits of open access for authors include (Open Access)

  • Free access for all users globally.
  • Authors own the copyright of their works.
  • Greater visibility and number of readers.
  • Fast publication.


The Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo declares its policy of preservation of digital archives through the DSpace-ESPOCH platform: ¨Our repository aims to store, maximize visibility and ensure the digital preservation of the academic and scientific production of the institution. This portal allows open access to documents produced by different members of the community as a result of research, teaching and extension activities”

Simultaneously, the mktDESCUBRE magazine maintains policies for the preservation of digital files LOCKSS and CLOCKSS.

The files are stored in PDF and EPUB format, individually each article and the general compilation of the magazine.



The beneficiaries of the scientific knowledge that is socialized through this medium, are students, teachers, researchers from different public and private universities, as well as businessmen and public sector officials, who seek the constant updating of their knowledge in pursuit of make better decisions.