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mktDESCUBRE, develops manual for creating ORCID code.

ORCID is an international non-profit organization that provides a unique and persistent identifier for authors of the scientific and academic field. This identifier allows to have a researcher profile on the ORCID platform(example, with data controlled at all times by the researcher himself, who decides what information he makes public and what he maintains with restricted access.


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Current Issue

Vol 1 No 1 (2020): InnovaEc 2019 Special Edition Congress

The School of Business Administration of the ESPOCH with the purpose of fostering an entrepreneurial and innovation culture that allows to enhance the creativity of our students and teachers, so that they are able to generate not only sources of employment but productivity and development at the local level, regional and national puts to the consideration of the community the special edition of the magazine Mkt discovers, with scientific articles of the II International Congress of Innovation and Entrepreneurship INNOVAEC 2019 that constituted a space of discussion and encounter between the academy, the company and the society, making possible the exchange of experiences, research and concerns addressed in the different topics, as a contribution to the consolidation of administrative thinking from the theoretical and scientific point of view associated with the progress of our province and country.


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Published: 2020-01-09

Business Management and Innovation

Social Education Management

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Constantly demonstrate the scientific identity of the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo (ESPOCH), nationally and internationally through the internal and external research contributions of teachers, students, experts and professionals in the broad field of educational sciences, Social, economic and administrative.

Publishing Institution

The mktDESCUBRE magazine is a scientific, cultural, arbitrated and indexed magazine with the Latindex academic information system, belonging to the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo (ESPOCH) - Faculty of Business Administration (FADE).

Frecuency of publication and approach

The publication of the mktDESCUBRE magazine is biannual, the objective is to disseminate the results of completed or ongoing research through original articles, as well as scientific review articles; on issues related to marketing management, educational social management, financial management, business management, educational technology and artistic and cultural management, to generate immediate changes in favor of the growth and development of society in general.


The magazine's publication coordination is in charge of a director, an editor and an editorial board (the members of the editorial board are selected by their scientific-academic expertise, who propose and advise the editorial team for the continuous improvement of the magazine) . It is the Director and the Editor who accept or reject the articles to be published based on the results presented by the scientific committee of peers or internal and external evaluators, both national and international, all of them experts in the topics to be published.